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How to make your snacks last longer

As a Mum of 3 young kids my children love to eat me out of house and home. I do a big grocery shop weekly and found that once the kids got home and they have spotted all the snacks and new food they want to eat it all. Usually by day 3 majority of it is gone. It was something that absolutely drove me insane. I have come up with a solution which is working to make the snacks last longer around the kids.
In my pantry I have a Snack Tub (mostly lunch box fillers), a tub for chips. Both of these tubs are clear and were purchased from Aldi Australia. I believe you can purchase these also from Kmart Australia. The clear tubs are for the kids to see how much is in there and that if they eat everything that is in those tubs there is no more until the following week. This makes them stop and think do I really want to eat what I could have in my lunchbox.
I also have 3 baskets that the kids cannot see through. In here is the rest of the snacks. These are reserves or in case we have visitors. In these tubs keep chips, biscuits, LCM bars, and all the yummy stuff my kids would want to eat in a hurry. The final tub is hubby’s lunch box fillers. I keep these tubs all on the top shelf of the pantry. This keeps the kids less likely to climb and makes them choose fruit first because it’s easier to get.
Since applying this system into my house I have been able to make these snacks including lollies last over 2 weeks just by keeping them out of sight out of mind.